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My joy and passion is to share this practice, philosophy and culture, and sensual art form with the world...


Tahitian Hula dance is more than an art form; it is a spiritual practice as well. Tahitian & Hawaiian Hula call forward the goddess within to fully be unleashed, being at one with Nature, with Humanity, with the energies of Love and Creation; it is an intention, a prayer, a praise.


Hula tells a tale of the past, the present, and the future. It depicts the essence of Love, the goodness of Creation, and its connection to the spiritual being having a human experience on Earth.
It enhances the power of the Female aspect of the Universe, and it empowers the dancer to experience the realization that we are all multidimensional beings looking to reconcile and harmonize within the cosmos of Life.

TAHITIAN DANCER brings a forgotten outlook to sensuality, considered the powerhouse of creation and the Infinite, the seat of loving contemplation upon all humans, babies, children, and adults alike.


Today, Tahitian Hula is known as the fast hip shaking dance... It brings to its adepts a sense of joy, love, and passion that is not found in any other art form.

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